Why leave your wedding planning in our hands?

At Destiny and Destinations we feel that each client is part of the family and with that in mind, we were inspired to create a company that would cater to your every nuptial needs, providing you with warm, friendly suggestions and professional assistance when we take you on as a client.

We recognize that no two people are the same and we can provide a tailor-made service to meet your requirements along with creating and managing a budget that will best suit your needs. As our corporate office is based in Taormina, consider us “a friend of the house.”

When one thinks of Sicily, the first thing that comes to mind: Taormina, the most popular destination not only for holidays but also for wedding planning in Sicily.
The movie industry, the art world and fashion business have glamourized this city for years, and it is with that history that we at Destiny and Destinations intend to keep the dream going.Taormina has seduced anyone from conquerors to painters and from queens to poets thanks to its monuments and landscapes.

Destiny and Destinations is also a partner in a bigger venture, When InSicily, a service agency that aims to give a luxury, yet traditional insight of Sicily. This means that we have a constant relationship with our partners and supplier and have a complete insight of the city and the territory.
We collaborate with locals who are experts in the Sicilian culture and are as passionate as we are about our beautiful Sicily and this passion extends to providing you the ultimate wedding experience.
We guarantee selected qualified professionals who will provide you with a curated and personalized service.

Destiny and Destinations’ mission is to create your ideal scenario in this exquisite city. Our services also include the preparation of your paperwork, administration and necessary legal requirements for your wedding day. If needed, we will even focus on the tourism aspect to ensure that you and your guests can also experience some of the breathtaking sights of the island of Sicily. All you have left to focus on is enjoying your day and making everlasting memories.


Morena – traveler and fashion maven, owner of Connecting Dots Production Services, and known in the international fashion scene. It is those exact things that bring added value to your special day when you choose Destiny and Destinations.

After living and working in Milan for eight years and then in New York for seven, and producing countless fashion shows, photo shoots and events for some of the most influential names in the fashion business, Morena decided to move back to Sicily where with her partner, a tourism expert, founded Destiny and Destinations.

Morena felt their invaluable experiences would be best appreciated in the wedding market – planning one of the most important events in one’s life.
“The inspiration came while assisting some friends living abroad with their big day here in Italy. I understand how demanding this world can be, especially for couples planning their wedding overseas.I feel the parallelism with producing my fashion events: the experience they all want and look forward to, is a perfectly planned event that somehow appears effortlessly spontaneous, to celebrate what they love most.

I believe planning is the key to success, leave nothing to chance. And even if the unpredictable may occur, having an expert with that important set of skills makes a huge difference. Planning and problem solving, they come naturally to me.”

As international travelers, we have experienced first hand the value of having insight of each destination we have visited. It is with that knowledge that we bring to you our international connections, so that you can feel at ease when you choose to do business while you are still seated at home and making decisions from the other side of the world.”



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